Monday, November 14, 2011

At Christin's Place: Vavuniya

Following Anuradhapura, we arrived at Vavuniya where we spent three days, out of which two days were completely dedicated to resting and reviving ourselves and also completing the tasks each of us were assigned. For the first time in the whole tour, we stayed at our residence - the house of Christin Rajah, our Vice President, without any sightseeing. We enjoyed the time we spent there, playing cricket, watching movies and also learning more about Conflict Transformation. We were also able to listen to the views of Christin, which complemented what we were already learning.

And we also had an opportunity to cook our own dinner, which was truly a relief after some bad experiences we had eating outside.  We also had an opportunity to do more laundry and to prepare ourselves for the last stretch of our journey.

On the second day we went to Kanaganayagam Maha Vidyalam, in Vavuniya where we conducted an assembly. And later a few of us met with student leaders from schools in Vavuniya and spoke about Sri Lanka Unites with them.

Overall, the time we spent at Vavuniya was really effective in getting us prepared for the rest of the tour and also in expanding our roots in Vavuniya.

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