Tuesday, November 15, 2011

At The Jaffna Peninsula

by Ayesh Perera

It was daybreak on Friday the12th of November when the Sri Lanka Unites Dream Team arrived in Jaffna, the glorious city of palm trees in the northern end of the pearl of the Indian ocean,destined to be a monumental part of our tour.It needs to be mentioned that the team's visit to Point Pedro on Friday,where each of us once more pledged our allegiance to the cause of Sri Lanka Unites by signing on our mission statement which was bottled and dropped into the blue waters was a milestone.
  Apart from this,was our visits to schools in Jaffna amongst which were both Christian and Hindu institutions.Nonetheless, in each one of these our message of hope and reconciliation found itself in a receptive environment which was testified to by the level of interest showed by the students.
Furthermore,the workshop which was attended by a significant number of students from the Jaffna district in whose hearts new seeds of hope and passion were planted was indeed a success.
Last but not least,chilling out in the Cashurina beach savouring the sight of the golden Jaffna skies with the sun sinking down to rest which added much glamour to all our work in Jaffna after which we headed to mannar should never be forgotten.

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