Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chilling at Badulla

We arrived at Badulla on the morn of Saturday, the 29th of October after being warned against travelling the night before due to bad weather conditions. The whole of Saturday was dedicated to team building and also looking into some very important logistics which involved washing our clothes! We had further discussions on the intra-ethnic conflicts and problems.

The next day, we all went to Dunhinda Falls, which is one of the most enchanting waterfalls in Sri Lanka. It was a long climb up, but it was worth all the calories that were burnt in the process. It was at Dunhinda Falls that we came up with the idea for a funny video channel on youtube. You will be able to follow that soon.

The next day, we started work again. We initially went to Uva Central College, which was the only school from Badulla that had attended the conference. After the completion of this assembly, we decided to expand our spectrum to include the Tamil and Muslim schools in the region too. So, we split up into 3 groups and visited some of the schools in the district. We took with us an introductory pack, which gave a comprehensive idea of Sri Lanka Unites, our mandate and our vision. Badulla Tamil Vidyalaya, Sarasvathy Vidyalaya, and Al Adhan Maha Vidyalaya are a few of the schools we visited.

That evening, we had a small workshop for the Girls Orphanage next to the Elders' Home where we were residing at Badulla. The workshop went better than we expected. Many of the Girls were very interested, and were involved throughout the workshop. We also made a donation of a few uniform and stationary packs to the girls in the orphanage. Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience.

Following that, we all retired to our rooms after planning to head out to Monaragala the next day morning. We were all rested and ready to take on another busy week. Despite the cold weather in Badulla, we had a great time. We are grateful to the Methodist Elders' Home for hosting us, and facilitating our meals during our stay.

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