Friday, November 18, 2011

Our Final Stop: Puttalam

By Ayesh Perera

The fact that Puttalam was the final district on our road tour filled us with a great sense of passion to bring the tour to a flourishing finish. 
The grand welcome recieved by us at Zahira College, Puttalam was self-evidently far beyond our expectations. Furthermore, we could feel the sense of anticipation present amidst the students of Zahira College, right through out the assembly. Following the assembly was our final workshop which was also at Zahira College and was attended by a large number of students from the area. Almost all of them made a decision towards the cause of reconciliation and rebuilding Sri Lanka through their individual ambitions, making it crystal clear that that which binds us together is far stronger than that which drives us apart.
Whilst the smooth flowing of all the scheduled work was indeed a great success the fun behind the scenes should not be passed by.The songs composed both on reconciliation and other themes were simply fascinating. The 17th of November the final day of the road trip was both a day of reflection and celebrations, as it was also the birthday of our beloved leader.

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