Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 3 of the Road Trip - Neluni's Perspective

by Neluni Tillekeratne

The third day started out with the Junior Team conducting assemblies
at Elizabeth Moir International School and Royal College, Colombo.we
were delighted to see the enthusiasm in the students who attended the
conference and the teachers-in-charge of the SLU Chapters at both
schools.Vimukthi Caldera of Moir and Chalaka Bogoda of Royal addressed
their schools and shared their experiences of the conference.
The team was then treated to lunch at the Flower Drum restaurant in
celebration of Arzath Areefs birthday.

The colombo workshop was then held at the Royal College skills center,wheere schools such as St.Joseph's College, Maradana,who have not
previously been involved with SLU, took part. The workshop included games such as the identity game, games on teamwork and thinking 'out of the box'. The games were aimed at improving the leadership qualities of the students who showed tremendous potential to be the next generation of leaders for our country. The workshop ended with the students being given the choice of leaving their fingerprints on a map of Sri Lanka as a sign of commitment to
their country.

The eventful day ended with a seminar for the Junior Team by Mr.Sanjana Hattotuwa , a well known media personality in sri lanka.He stressed on the power of media when addressing social justice.We were also introduced to many social media networks which were previously unknown to us.

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