Thursday, October 20, 2011

Report of Kandy

By Malshani Delgahapitiya

10th Oct. 2011

The 2nd assembly for the day was held as Hillwood College. The grade 12 students of Hillwood attended the assembly. 

The Sri Lanka Unites Junior Team (SLU JT), explained to the gathering, the importance of reconciliation and peace and how we as students can contribute towards this cause.
We left the premises after the assembly with the hope of seeing a SLU chapter at Hillwood College Kandy in the near future, and headed to the Hindu Cultural Centre where we lodged.

After lunch, the junior Team had a team time, which we used to learn and broaden our knowledge on reconciliation.  The end of team time was always full of fun filled and memorable discussions about the morning sessions and getting to know each other more.  

In the later part of the day, we spent time preparing for the Kandy workshop which was to be held the following day at the Hindu Cultural Centre. Since our team consisted of multi talented and versatile youth from across the country, our team leader, Prashan Ayya suggested that we should practice and perform a song after the workshop! We managed to practice the song while working on various other responsibilities each of us were given.  It was challenging but we gave our best shots to make the next day a success! After dinner, we watched the movie “Invictus”, to get a better knowledge about the great personality of Nelson Mandela.

11th Oct. 2011

All of us were up and ready by 6 a.m. for the big day in Kandy.  Each person attended to the responsibilities they were given the previous day.  A total of about 60 students from Trinity College Kandy; Colombo International School, Kandy; Royal International School, Kurunagala; St. Anthoy’s College, Kandy; and St. Sylvester’s College, Kandy attended the Kandy SLU workshop that was organized by the SLU chapter of Trinity College, Kandy. The students were mixed and put into several teams, irrespective of their schools.  

The teams actively participated in all the games we had organized for them. Each game was based on a reconciliation principle. The main attraction of the workshop was the forum theatre which showcased a series of unjust events that was later corrected by the students.  By the end of the workshop, the students were also deeply moved and touched by the vision of Sri Lanka Unites, and they all pledged to work with SLU to rebuild our nation and to be the change that we want to see in the country.  

Kandy workshop- A Success!! 

After a tiring morning session, the Junior Team was given a much deserved break by Prashan Ayya. So together with few of our friends from the Trinity College, SLU chapter, we decided to go around Kandy site seeing before night falls.  We had an amazing time, yet again getting to know each other better and enjoying the beauties of the hill-capital. It was almost 10.30 p.m. when we got back to the Hindu Cultural Centre and we were all very tired! BUT! We all stayed up, to learn more about one of the greatest leaders of the world; Nelson Mandela. After the team session, we all went back to our rooms to have a good night sleep to be ready to head to Nuwara-eliya the following day.

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