Saturday, October 15, 2011

Summary of the First Leg

Let me start with apologising for not delivering on the promise of Daily Updates from the Road Trip. We did not have the web connectivity we needed for this. However, this summary of the first leg of the Road Trip is only a gist of everything that happened. I will put up more detailed posts on the more interesting aspects of the Road Trip.

On the 9th of October, we left Colombo at 4p.m. heading to Kandy. At Kandy we were hosted by the Hindu Cultural Center. Our special thanks to Kishin Siva and his dad for making that possible. In Kandy, we visited Trinity College, who were the host of FLC season 3, and the welcome there was amazing!  We also visited Hillwood Girl's College. Part of the team went to Kurunegala district where they visited Malliyadeva Model School and Royal International. On the 11th of October we had a workshop for the Kandy and Kurunegala districts at the Hindu Cultural Center hall. It went off pretty well. The forum theatre, was one of the most interesting aspects of it. We had CIS Kandy, Royal International, Trinity College, St. Sylvester's and St. Anthony's participating.

On the 12th of October, we went to Nuwaraeliya where we had assemblies at St. Xavier's College and Beacon Hill Academy, followed by a workshop for both the schools. It was the most interactive workshop, and the response was excellent!

We left to Kegalle on the 13th, and visited Kegalu Vidyalaya and Kegalu Balika Vidyalaya. On the 14th, part of the team left to Ratnapura where they were warmly welcomed by Dharmapala Maha Vidyalaya which is our only member school in the district. The rest of the team conducted a workshop for the Schools of Kegalle district at the Kegalu Balika Vidyalaya. St. Joseph's Convent, Kegalu Vidyalaya, Kegalu Balika Vidyalaya and a few more schools participated.

That brought to an end our first leg! 5 days, 5 districts... Keep following as we continue to update you more about these 5 days and also about arrangements for the next leg, which will start on the 23rd of the month!

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