Monday, October 17, 2011

My Experience at Kegalle

by Sanjeevan Marine

Went to Kegalle from kandy at the morning, and we started our assemblies for Kegalle. First we went to Kegalle Balika Vidyalaya. Then we went to Duddly Senanayaka College and then went to Kegalle Maha Vidyala. The school visits were such a nice experiences. I saw the Sinhala Buddhist traditional things there.

Especially an unforgettable experience in Kegalle Maha Vidyalaya, I met a boy from that school. His name is Sanjaya. He participated in FLC 03. His father is a soldier in SL Army, and he lost his arm in the war. So the boy hated tamil people.But after the conference, two of his best friends are tamil. The meeting with him was a wonderful experience.

In the evening we went to Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage. At the night we stayed in a Buddhhist place which belongs to SANASA. Our friends Manjula & Thisara arranged it well.

The next day we had a workshop in Kegalle Balika Vidyalaya. Then we finished our activities at Kegalle.

*Kegalle was such a beautifull place. It has an amazing geographical landscape. Its climate was superb…

I can’t forget my memories in Kegalle.

 Thank you!!

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