Monday, October 31, 2011

Royal International Head Prefect's perspective

contributed by Benislos Thushan

Following is Geethika Mannaperuma's (Head Prefect of Royal International School, Kurunegala) view on the assembly conducted there.

"On the 10th October, which was a Monday, 4 representatives of Sri Lanka Unites visited Royal International School- Kurunegala. The day’s assembly was basically based on the introduction of SLU to RIS. Ashfaque the head of the team along with Thushan, Thisara & Abishaek did a fantastic presentation which truly created an enormous impact on the students at RIS to join in hands with this youth movement to bring about a contrasting change in Sri Lanka. Although SLU was not a popular thing at RIS, this visit created opportunity to all the students who were willing to be a part of this network to fill up the registration forms and get their name in with SLU.

Further, the presentation by these four gentlemen truly inspired the present SLU members in RIS to create something positive within our school society. As a result we planned to carry out small workshops with each section in our school. We just completed our first workshop at RIS with the grade six students last Friday, which was the 14th October.

We are further planning to continue the inspirational programs with the entire school. This is all because we truly have learned a lot about what we should be doing to our motherland as responsible citizens. On behalf of Royal International School- Kurunegala I convey my most sincere gratitude to all the resource personnel at SLU. Also a very big thank you, the crew on the road trip for all you tireless efforts taken to reconcile Sri Lanka. Thank you so much Ashfaque, Thushan, Thisara and Abishek for stopping by RIS & spending time with us.

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