Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day of Rest at Matara

On the 26th of October, on the day of Diwali we decided to take some time off our work, and have some time of fun and team building. We started off the day by having breakfast at a "Matara Bath Kade" (Matara Rice Shop). During this time we had a few interviews with Ashfaque, Kanishka and Thushan.


Following this, we went to the Polhena beach, and had an amazing time swimming and snorkelling. Many members of the team hadn't been to Matara before, and were greatly privileged to enjoy the beauty of the south and feel a part of it! Followed by that we went to Verahera Viharaya in Matara, the place which houses the largest statue of Lord Buddha in the whole of South Asia. This was a very exciting experience for all of us, and it also allowed us to be exposed to different religious perspectives.

Following that, we visited the Southern most point of the Island - Dondra Head. This was a very important point of our School Relations Tour, since we also plan on visiting Point Pedro, which is the northern most point of Sri Lanka.

Following this we left for Hambantota. It was a very important day of  the tour, eventhough we didn't do anything much. Part of the purpose behind this tour is to admire and enjoy the beauty that makes Sri Lanka the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, and we achieved this to a great extent during our day of rest at Matara.

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